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Covid Information

Operational Health Protocol

Effective immediately (until further notice), the PHA is adopting the following protocol:

As information about Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to unfold, we understand that our staff and clients, especially those who interface with the public, may be feeling a higher level of concern.

  1. ALL face-to-face client appointments shall cease, effective immediately.
    1. Staff will begin conducting appointments/meetings telephonically.
    2. Any clients with existing appointments will be contacted by their HCV Coordinator, Property Manager, or Intake Coordinator. Clients will be requested to email executed documents and supplemental information or return documents in the drop box. If a client's phone number is not operable or the counselor receives a voice message, then the corresponding staff will email the client.
  2. The drop box will be checked three (3) times per day by the regularly assigned staff, and all contents submitted to the front desk staff for the time and date stamping. Management will monitor and determine if the number of dropbox retrievals should be increased.
  3. Walk-in clients will be requested to call their assigned staffer directly with questions and concerns. Please see the provided contact list to locate your assigned staffer's phone number and email. Clients will be requested to return documents in the drop box.
  4. The exterior lobby door will remain unlocked during office hours, and the (second) interior lobby door will remain locked to the public. *Public restrooms are closed until further notice.
  5. On March 17, 2020, Hard copies of Affordable Housing (PH) and Assisted Housing (HCV) packets, letters, and forms will be available in the foyer area of the front office for clients to retrieve during our regular hours of operation.
  6. The Maintenance Team shall only address "Emergency/Urgent Work Orders." (Examples are hazardous and life-threatening work orders.) The Maintenance Team should wear hazardous material-resistant cover suits, gloves, and masks when entering residents' homes to address emergency work orders.
  7. REAC has postponed inspections until further notice. We will continue to do any and all new lease-up inspections where and when units are vacant and have not yet been occupied, in addition to the client or landlord-requested inspections. When occupied units are inspected, the inspector should wear hazardous material-resistant cover suits, gloves, and masks when entering clients' homes to address special inspections.
  8. Staff will be disinfecting our facilities on a regular basis to reduce the risk of transmission. This includes all high-touch surface areas.

PHA still plans to maintain its Affordable and Assisted Housing Program(s) wait list opening, briefings, and orientations alike, either telephonically or via video conferencing platform.