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Emergency After-Hours Maintenance - call 386.972.1799


  • Fire, Call 911
  • Loss of power
  • Broken water lines
  • Exposed electrical lines
  • No heat (During the winter season)
  • Broken door locks or broken windows
  • Major plumbing backups and/or conditions that might cause harm to the tenant and/or damage to property (includes overflowing toilet and other exposure to raw sewage)

Please report maintenance problems immediately. You must not make any repairs. You will be required to pay for damages to your apartment caused by any member of your family or guests.

All maintenance calls are subject to maintenance charges. Click here to view maintenance charges.

The Palatka Housing Authority will charge the average standard rate during regular maintenance working hours (Monday - Thursday, 8:00 am - 6:30 pm). Overtime rates will be charged for any work done at times other than regular maintenance working hours.