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Important Meeting - 5 Year / Annual Plan

A meeting to discuss the PHA 5 Year Plan / Annual Plan with PHA residents, community members and PHA Leaders has been scheduled for each community.  (The plan is a guide to the PHA's policies, programs, operations, and strategies in addressing local housing needs and proposed capital improvements for its housing portfolio.)


The meeting schedule is as follows:


Tues., Jan. 23rd @10:00 am - Madison Court Community Room

Tues., Jan. 23rd @11:30 am - Northside Substation

Tues., Jan. 23rd @ 1:00pm - James A. Long Family Investment Center


Wed., Jan. 24th @ 10:00am - Ragsdale Family Investment Center

Wed., Jan. 24th @ 11:30am - Westover Community Room

Wed., Jan. 24th @ 1:00pm - Annie M. Spell  (By the Mailboxes)

Wed., Jan. 24th @ 3:00pm - Lemon Heights  (Under the Tree)


Persons requiring a reasonable accommodation, please contact our office at 386-329-0132, ext. 211.