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Housing Quality Inspector

Palatka Housing Authority

Job Description

Job Title:                    Housing Inspector

Department:              Housing

FLSA Status:             Non-Exempt

Approved By:            Dr. Anthony E. Woods, President / CEO

Approved Date:         8/14/2023



SUMMARY:  The position is responsible for a wide range of inspection duties in support of the Housing Choice Voucher and Affordable Housing Program operations (Housing Quality Standards, UPCS, REAC, NSPIRE). The Housing Inspector may perform regular inspections, special inspections, rent reasonableness determinations, and market analyses. Reports to the Director of Housing.




Performs and documents initial, annual, and special inspections of units in the Voucher programs for compliance with the Housing Quality Standards (HQS) and /or other HUD inspection protocols.


Performs re-inspections when needed. Advises owners and residents of inspection results and encourages all parties to maintain units properly.


Performs 30-day follow-up inspections for assisted and affordable housing programs.


Performs housekeeping inspections for assisted and affordable housing.


Assists with REAC / UPCS Inspections for affordable housing


Assists with move-out / move-in inspections for assisted and affordable housing.


Assists with evictions for assisted and affordable housing.


Confirms that unit is the size noted in the contract and which utilities are provided by the owner and tenant.


Notifies owner and resident in writing of specific HQS violations so deficiencies can be corrected within the time specified by HUD and Palatka Housing Authority rules.


Conducts rent reasonableness comparability analyses and recommends amount of contract rent and rent increases based on comparable unassisted housing in the neighborhood.


Investigates and documents owner and resident complaints. Refers information to the appropriate program and coordinator / housing manager.


Determines whether the owner, resident, or both are responsible for units failing HQS / UPCS / NSPIRE, based upon observable evidence, experience, and HUD regulations.


When units fail the HQS inspection, recommends abatement of Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) or termination of housing assistance, as appropriate.


Practices good customer service skills and professional courtesy in the performance of duties.

Informs HCV Coordinator / Housing Manager of situations resulting in owners' or residents' noncompliance with HAP contract, lease or Palatka Housing Authority policies.


Performs clerical duties associated with inspections such as typing, computer data entry, copying, preparing correspondence, and maintaining files for all types of inspections.


Assists HCV Coordinator / Housing Manager in obtaining signatures on leases and contracts or other paperwork.


Input data in computer for all inspections and print reports and submits monthly performance reports as required.




  • Knowledge of HUD HQS, inspection procedures and Palatka Housing Authority Housing Choice Voucher policies and procedures.


  • Knowledge of laws, regulations and policies governing Palatka Housing Authority's Voucher programs.


  • Knowledge of basic real estate principles.


  • Knowledge of basic housing and building codes required for the program.


  • Knowledge of the function and scope of fair market rents and the principles and practices of determining and documenting rent reasonableness.


  • Knowledge of general office practices and procedures, business English and basic mathematics.


  • Skilled in basic research techniques.


  • Ability to plan and prioritize duties.


  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with residents and landlords as well as other employees.


  • Successful completion of HUD HQS / NSPIRE training.




  • Incumbent performs relatively complex work requiring a deep understanding of building conditions, the HUD Housing Quality Standards / NSPIRE, basic research methods, and rent reasonableness.
  • The employee performs routine duties by established procedure or referring to written guidelines, desk references, and existing records. These guidelines cover most job-related situations, but the employee may occasionally be required to use independent judgment in making decisions.


  • The employee performs a moderate number of routine and generally related tasks.


  • Instructions to the employee may be general or specific in nature.


  • Courses of action are determined by established procedures and/or the immediate supervisor.


  • The employee's work is reviewed periodically for accuracy, completion, and compliance with the policies and procedures.


  • Tasks may occasionally have to be coordinated, integrated, and/or prioritized.


  • The employee refers to the Palatka Housing Authority and HUD guidelines, Federal Mandates, and to the Palatka Housing Authority's personnel policies and procedures in performing work.


  • The employee's efforts affect Palatka Housing Authority's ability to earn administrative fees and to obtain additional vouchers and funding.




  • Most work is performed according to existing procedures or written guidelines, such as HUD regulations, handbooks, desk references, or existing records. These guidelines cover most job-related situations although the employee is required to use independent judgment in making decisions. If guidelines do not cover a situation, the employee consults the HCV Coordinator or Director of Housing.




  • The employee has continual contact with other employees, program participants, and landlords. Most contacts are structured in nature and the employee is expected to use normal tact and professional courtesy.


  • Occasionally, a contact may be uncooperative or antagonistic, and the employee would be expected to use above average tact and courtesy. Failure to respond courteously could adversely affect the public's opinion of the program and the Palatka Housing Authority.




  • The employee's work involves some sedentary office work, combined with physical exertion, driving around Palatka and neighboring cities to conduct physical inspections of buildings and housing units.


  • This can include climbing stairs and ladders, walking across roofs, crawling into attics and basements, and examining plumbing, heating, electrical and cooling systems, facilities and equipment.
  • Additionally, there may be some degree of stress resulting from contact with applicants, participants, landlords, the public, and other employees.


  • The work involves the normal risks and discomforts associated with an office, as well as, visits to inspect the interior and exterior of rental facilities.


  • Travel to sites is required which may involve adverse weather and traffic.




  • High school diploma or equivalent required.


  • Degree in Construction Management, Engineering or a related field preferred.


  • Three (3) years' experience in positions involving housing or building codes or construction. One (1) year of education experience may be substituted for the experience requirement on a one-to-one basis for up to 2 years.


  • Valid Florida driver's license or obtain such within the first thirty (30) days of employment.


  • Eligibility for coverage under Palatka Housing Authority fleet auto insurance.


  • Performs other duties as assigned.



Position Title                          Housing Inspector

Application Deadline            09/24/2023

Salary Range                         Commensurate with experience and qualifications

Position Major Category      Position Posting

Position Location                  Palatka, FL



PHA Contact Information

Name                                      Garvin, Kizmet

Phone Number                      (386) 329-0132, ext. 211


Best Method of Contact        EMAIL