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ROSS Grant Coordinator





Supervised By:          Director of Resident Services


Department:              Resident Services


Position Title:            Ross Program Coordinator


Status:                        Exempt



Summary: Within the Housing Authority's Resident Services Program, the ROSS Program Service Coordinator (SC) is responsible for developing and implementing the Housing Authority's ROSS Grant Program in keeping with the Grant's Planning, Implementation and Outcome Measures as detailed in the e-Logic Model. In addition, the ROSS Service Coordinator is responsible to collect data, record all applicable data elements, and provide reports that will directly support independent evaluations to determine the effectiveness of the ROSS Program at the Housing Authority.


The ROSS Program Service Coordinator is responsible to coordinate services and programs for Housing Authority residents as assigned among Federal Public Housing Residents, focusing on:


  • 1) Establishing, organizing, managing and maintaining the ROSS Grant Program in keeping with the measures in the e-Logic Model, and collecting and maintaining all available data for analysis;
  • 2) Establishing comprehensive and strong alliances with community service providers;
  • 3) Building an array of on-site programs and services, and a broad network of referral options;
  • 4) Effectively marketing the ROSS Grant Programs to all Housing Authority residents;
  • 5) Establishing and conducting (1) Initial Assessments, to determine needs to be used as a basis to develop programs and services; (2) Developing and updating Service Plans; (3) Providing Case Management Services; (4) Facilitating On-site programs and services; (5) Making and Tracking Referrals; and (6) Maintaining comprehensive records of all programs, services and referrals provided, including attendance and follow-through and Outcome-based records.
  • 6) Maintaining all documentation, filing and reporting, including HUD Reports, associated with the ROSS Grant Program.




The ROSS Program Service Coordinator works within the Housing Authority's Resident Services Program under the supervision of the Resident Services Director.  The incumbent keeps the Resident Services Director or Designee regularly informed of work-in-progress and programs planned and underway.




  • (a) Coordinate a Local Program Coordinating Committee (PCC) with local service providers to ensure that program participants are linked to supportive services needed to achieve self-sufficiency. The SC will act as a liaison between the residents/PHA and local service providers.
  • (b) Market the program to residents, including residents that are single parent heads-of-household and at-risk youth and/or transition age youth, and/or residents who are elderly and disabled.
  • (c) Provide general case management which includes intake, assessment, education, and referral of residents to service providers in the local community.
  • (d) Coordinate and oversee the delivery of services, ensuring services are provided on a regular, ongoing, and satisfactory basis.
  • (e) Coordinate and sponsor educational events, which may include topics relating to health care, job search seminars, life skills training, and digital literacy.
  • (f) Assist the PHA in creating a resident group to promote self-sufficiency efforts and/or encourage residents to build informal support networks with other residents, family, and friends.
  • (g) Encourage the formation of Civic Engagement and/or Self-Help Groups with residents and faith-based and/or other community-based groups if a particular need is evident. The purpose is to foster a sense of community and encourage residents' efforts to support and assist each other in their efforts to move toward self-sufficiency or age in-place.
  • (h) Monitor and track the ongoing provision of services including supportive services from community agencies. Keep the case management and provider agencies up-to-date regarding the operation of the ROSS Program.
  • (i) Maintaining all documentation, filing and reporting, including HUD Reports, associated with the ROSS Grant Program.
  • (j) This is a grant-funded position that may end when the grant funding ends.


Position ID                                         1939

Position Title                                      ROSS Grant Coordinator

Application Deadline                        08/24/2023

Position Major Category                  Position Posting

Position Location                              Palatka, FL





PHA Contact Information

Name                                                  Garvin, Kizmet

Phone Number                                  (386) 329-0132, ext. 211


Best Method of Contact                    EMAIL